About Ebon Stars

The Blood Aegis is a Military Organisation comprised of several divisions who specialise in niche operations, the most famous having been their Sin’dorei relief force. Each division runs their duties separately with their own goals that coincide with their specialty, although they will all serve for the New Horde inevitably.

The guild has always aimed to move away from the simple ‘Infantry’ styled military and the Ebon Stars is no different. Unlike the typical infantry we offer a close knit team that works towards a unique twist on world of warcraft lore with our take of the balance in light and shadow. Our members are not only part of a legacy out of character but they also get to forage new and previously uncovered roleplay, to breath life back into their character classes.

Iron Sisters Codex:
Dread Brothers Codex:

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Thank you and welcome to the ranks of the Blood Aegis!
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